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Mini Sessions


Family Portraits

"Digital photography not only enables us to capture memories but also to create them" - James Wayner

“Courtney, from the second we met her felt like I was with a best friend.”

                                      —Alyssa L.


Engagement Session

Available as part of a wedding package but also available separately. We'll decide on a time and place, and our shoot will run for about an hour.

Get prepared to laugh, smile, and make memories!

Sessions starting at $300


Although, I am first and foremost a Wedding Photographer, the Lifestyle side of photography is such a passion of mine! I love family sessions where we can walk around and I get to capture the family how they are. No expectations, minimal awkward posing, and maximum laughter! Organic family fun and love, the way it should be!

Jennifer and Chris Adoption Portfolio-41.jpg

Mini Sessions

Mini Sessions are a great way to get updated pictures for special times throughout the year! They're quick and budget-friendly! It's my belief that pictures help tell your story, so why not capture as many pictures in a year as you can? Not only are they fun but you're going to LOVE what you get, it's a promise!

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